Book Updated for Watch OS 2

I’ve updated the book with an addendum about Watch OS 2, and I have updated the how-to section at the back of the book to provide accurate information for the new version. I’ve also added tips on topics such as editing complications and protecting yourself if your watch is lost or stolen. Everyone who previously bought the book should receive a download link for a free copy of the update within the next few hours, if you don’t have it already. If you haven’t bought it yet, it still costs US$10, and you can buy it here. Enjoy!

Watching Without Looking: A VoiceOver User’s First Month with the Apple Watch by Anna Dresner

Are you considering buying an Apple Watch? Would you like to know whether VoiceOver provides good enough access to the watch to make it worth buying if you can’t see the screen? Or are you curious as to how a blind person would use an Apple watch? If you already have an Apple Watch, would you like help with how to use VoiceOver, how to set up or configure your watch, or where to learn more about how to use it? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, my new book, Watching Without Looking, can help. I’m totally blind, and I’ve written a variety of reference cards and tutorials, including Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 8 designed to help blind people get up and running with iPhones, computers, and other technology. In Watching Without Looking, I describe my first month using an Apple Watch, including setting it up and using it to track fitness data, make phone calls, send digital heartbeats, control iPhone playback, and more. I explain what worked and what didn’t in the initial release and in version 1.0.1, which was released in May. After the journal, I explain what the buttons do, how to use VoiceOver, how to pair your watch with your iPhone, and more. There’s also a list of resources that will help you increase your knowledge about this new and fascinating device.

The book costs US$10. PayPal Express Checkout will allow you to purchase the book using a credit card or PayPal, as you prefer. Once you buy Watching Without Looking, you’ll be sent a secure link that you can use to download the book. The book is in ePub format, so it will play just fine in iBooks, Voice Dream Reader, a Victor Reader Stream, or any other player or book reading software that can handle ePub files. I hope you enjoy the book!